Are Golden Hybrids/Khaki Campbells good for meat when spent??


5 Years
Mar 27, 2014
Hello! I have a chicken and duck egg business. Such is life that when the hen reaches a certain age, I must process her out to continue to have a viable business. I have known what to do with my spent chicken hens but the ducks are newer to me and I have a few questions.

I raise Golden Hybrid 300s and Khaki Campbells. I have found varying short notes on blogs saying that they of course aren't raised for meat but make yummy little roasters. However, I can't find at what age these are yummy little roasters. Of course I know they aren't raised for meat but are they an acceptable meat option once they are spent from egg production? My birds are raised on pasture and only indoors at night for protection. They spend their day foraging and are healthy in size if not chubby. In other words, they are spoiled rotten and as basically commercial laying birds are "Taj Mahal like" in their living and care.

So to my question: I would process out at some point between 2-3 years old when I find egg production to be suffering. Chicken hens are not moist and delicious at this point but I have never eaten duck and can't verify deliciousness. Are khaki campbells a satisfactory duck meal at 2-3 years old? Are they like old hens and need to be pressure cooked or crock potted to be edible?

A appreciate any input. Thank you ahead of time!
Many of the duck folk on this thread are less likely to eat any of their ducks, so that's probably why there is a lack of responses.

I have only ever processed quail and I've never cooked duck, so I'm no expert. However, I image you would have to treat an aged duck similar to an aged chicken. So low and slow. I believe a popular way to prepare duck is to brown it in a hot pan and finish it in the oven so I don't see why you couldn't do something like that. Might be worth it to just try one and see how it goes.

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