are moderators assigned?


Mad Scientist
14 Years
Jun 1, 2008
Just a question I was wondering. Are moderators *assigned* certain forums. I noticed they each have an area they are more prevalent. Is it just coincidence?
No, we are not assigned specifically to forums.
But we do tend to be in forums where our interests lie. For example, I am often in the Other Poultry forum because I love ducks and am an experienced duck keeper and feel I can help more there than say the Incubating forum.

We all share resposibility for the entire forum as a team...and a well oiled one at that.
Ok, I thought it was just coincidence. It just happens that I see Miss Prissy in incubating a lot and Silkiechicken in emergencies (actually one of the first to help me here when I just joined), so I was wondering if it was more than coincidence. Thanks for the response!

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