are my 1 month old chicks ready to be put together with my 3 month old chickens?


6 Years
Jun 3, 2013
Los Angeles
I have 11 chickens, and 2 of them are 2 months younger than the rest. For one week now i have quarantined the two from the others, but also near enough so that the chickens can see the other two to try and get used to. My mom was getting fed up with me having the chicks in doors..even though i was still against putting the babies in the coop with the bigger ladies..I just had to. Its 11:30pm and I had just put the babies inside the coop with them. I am dreading for morning because i dont know what im going to see once i go check up on them in the morning. Really hoping the older chickens wont peck my babies into a blood mess.

This was my little set up during the day for the two babies.


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