! Are my 4 human kids at risk from turkey(s) with a "cold"???!

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10 Years
Jun 15, 2009
Maybe a coincidence, but I have at least one (out of 6) 5 wk old turkey who is sneezing and has a loose green poop. I have 4 very active, curious human kids (9,6,3,1) and two of them started sneezing yesterday. It (or they, it's so hard to tell the turkeys apart!) have been sneezing for weeks and I just thought it was something they do. I am noticing it more now along with the green stuff. It has been raining here for 3 days now and I have not been putting the heat lamp on at night. I just went out to do so to warm them up. Im concerned that my kids could pick something up from them? They adore them and are quite entertained by the flock. We also have 6 chicks (6 wks old)....

wow...I sound like Dr. Seuss...six sick chicks tick, ...it's a mom thing!

so, could they get sick from the turkeys as well?
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