Are my 5 1/2 month Silver Laced Wyandotte/Australorp cross pullets actually cockerels?


7 Years
May 28, 2012
Tacoma, Washington
I purchased these two pullets about 8 weeks ago and was told they were a cross between a Silver Laced Wyandotte hen and an Australorp rooster. They are now 5.5 months old and I'm starting to think that not only are they both roos rather than hens, but also that they may have some banty blood. The only thing that has grown on either of them is comb/wattles. They are half the size of much younger coop-mates. No crowing at this point, but today the darker one began performing a funny little dance to one of my older hens. I called the person I bought them from and he wasn't willing to take them back even though he came just short of guaranteeing them to be hens. Beginning to feel hoodwinked...what do y'all think?

Roosters...well that confirms my suspicion. Thanks!

As for age, I was told they hatched the first week of January, but I totally agree they are tiny...especially compared to my other chickens that are younger (supposedly). Could they possibly be the age he said but have banty in their mixed lineage? Would that explain their small size? Or did the guy I bought them from just feed me a total line of B.S.?
Bs;( alot of people are good at I cant say for 100% certainty thats what he meant to do but let me tell you...I went to a swap a few weeks ago...a few folks were selling pairs and trios...they were all roos!!!! I was livid...I got loud and said to the women who was selling AND the folks she was trying to sucker...those are roos and you know it! She said no theyre not...I bet her 100$ theyd be crowing within weeks...the "buyers" walked away and the seller said a few choice words to me..I did not care...dishonesty did point is..people do it all the time...I understand people trying to sell or give away roosters..but dont cheat someone out of their $ ...whatever I cant sell or give away..I process my self!
You have now stumped me? Lol what does the day of purchase have to do with anything? Hehe
never mind i just read you purchased them 8 weeks ago but i thought if maybe if you bought them as little chicks when they were born then you could have figured out how old they are

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