Are My Chickens Pecking At One Another?


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6 Years
Nov 3, 2013
One of my chickens are in the middle of molting. Her neck and head are starting to get the rest of the feathers back, but recently I noticed her shoulder is bald. I also just saw the chickens "pecking" at each other slightly but I don't know if it was playful (or just normal chicken behavior) or if they are picking on her. Please help!
Chickens will peck at each other when they are just hanging around. You might want to increase their protein a little while they are regrowing feathers. Eggs, tuna, gamebird starter, and flock raiser are all good for that, in addition to their regular feed.
Have you seen her feathers start growing in, then disappear? You can try some Nustock cream on her bare spots to discourage pecking. It tastes bad, is healing, and is good to cover bare spots with feather picking.

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