Are my hens weird or is it fairly normal??


6 Years
Apr 5, 2014
My hens have never taken any kind of 'human' food, even things that most places say hens absolutely love.
Sounds like they are pretty average, they stick their beaks up at a lot if they aren't particularly tame or just don't know that its food yet. It took awhile for mine to understand the concept of yogurt but now that they know what it is, watch out! all dignity is lost when it comes to yogurt.

What kind of treats are you offering them?
Mine are super picky as well. A lot of people say that chickens like lettuce but mine won't touch it. One of mine won't even eat the new brand of chicken feed I got, so I have to go and buy the old kind again.
Wow, I'll admit I've never known a picky chicken. When I was a kid, I saw a hen horking down on a coffee filter she pulled out of the compost.

I've been slowly introducing my chicks to food other than chick starter, and they've loved everything I've given them. You'll lose a finger over a slice of bread!

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