Are nice roos as scarce as hens teeth?


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Mar 14, 2011
I had two beautiful boys, both of whom were as nasty as they were pretty. They are both now residing in the freezer. The third rooster that was raised with them, and had never offered to be aggressive, just sliced my leg, while I was feeding and watering. Grrrrr. I have two teen ager roos that I've hatched from a BYCer and I'm crossing my fingers that maybe they will be less aggressive. I have a little grandaughter so for me a roo only gets one chance then he's done. I'm so frusterated right now - thanks for listening to me vent.
Actually, in this case, it may be your fault. What breeds are they? Teenager years no matter what they tend to be aggresive, but if you get a breed such as a cochin or brahma, they're more laid back and more sweet. But even in teenager years, they are a little, 'moody' Try and buy say a 2 year old or older rooster from someone, they will more likely be nice. I'm guessing you don't want a 'cuddle bug' but just a rooster who doesn't bug you?
Yup the best ones I've had are Cochins. I had two roosters that came in a bunch last year. I decided to keep them but the only one still with me is the cochin - the easter egger rooster left a scar on my hand when he flew at my face and now he is in the freezer lol.
We currently have 2 cochin roosters, one is a 'handi capped' chicken, his toes are waaaay to short for him, in this pic you can see barely
See his foot? Thats the GOOD one
Well, hes a sweet heart, I LOVE him! And Danny, our other cochin rooster (partridge, Ylf is the frizzle) is also a sweet heart, but he rules the roost. He has recently started to crow, but i LOVE him! Get a cochin rooster, they are sooo sweet
We've had or have 4 different breeds of roosters at any given time. Only two have had to have "attitude" adjustments. Both are head roos and are generally wonderful boys. One is our 12 lbs FBCM/Barnevelder whom we can hand off to a visitor and he'll just let them love on him. Once in a while he needs to be reminded we're head roo but we're talking about once a month, maybe. I think breed has something to do with it but for sure, the number one thing is HOW you handle them. If you don't understand "roo speak" and are violent with them, you're going to be unhappy, he's going to be unhappy and it could escalate to a dangerous situation.
I don't have a cochin, yet. But I have 2 Japanese roosters, a D'Uccle Rooster, and a Broiler Cornish/Rock. They all are great and have great attitudes. They won't let me catch them, but they don't attack me. They are all chow hounds and love food. And they know the people that feed them. ;D

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