Are purebred silkies that hard 2 find? (pics, Beware Dial-up users!)


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May 29, 2009
went to the stock shop, and picked up 8 chicks. 2 amerecaunas, a barred rock, and 5 sikie/amerecauna hybrids. we went and got these cause we successfully hatched a chick named sparta (R.I.P.) he was an only child and needed company so we picked up some chicks. I LOVE silkies and I also LOVE amerecaunas. but I do not like hybrid of great breeds like those two. the store had pure silkies mixed in with the hybrids. I have concluded that all but one are hybrids, the question is, is this last one a hybrid too?

can anyone provide pics of white silkie chicks between the ages of one and 2 weeks?










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I would say that is not a pure silkie. It doesn't have black skin or feet. I see it has five toes but not the right skin color. Good luck!

its funny cause the amerecaunas have green feet also, so I'm wondering if its not just amerecauna/silkie in the mix......
Definitely not a pure silkie. As the above poster said, it should have black skin, eyes, and beak. White sometimes have a lighter colored beak at first, but they should change to black. But the yellow skin is a dead give-away. Also, the middle toe should have full feathers down it, and it does not.

Hatchery americaunas are not pure bred, they are normally a cross between a true ameraucana and something, or between a true araucana and something. Hatchery americauna/aricanas are basically EEs. They often do have green legs, where the true breeds do not (or should not).
I have seen many pictures of purebred amerecaunas and they are definatley purebred exact patterns. and they do have green feet as I have seen from feathersite. I may be wrong but that is what i have interpreted.
Sorry to differ with you, but purebred ameraucanas have slate legs, not green. Green legs are Easter Eggers or buttercups. I don't know of any others that should have green legs.


Easter egger


Easter eggers don't have to have green legs, after all there is no standard. They are the same as any other mixed-breed chicken. But it is very common for them to have green legs. If you do a search on here, you will find many topics on the EE/Ameraucana/Araucana debate.

Either way, your silkie is not pure.
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THATS THE COLOR! I guess I thought it was green but they are slate. thanks for clearing that up I will post pic of them so I can get a confirmation from you.
No problem, where did the place get their chicks from? As you can see in the feathersite links, it is possible for EE to have slate legs as well, the main clincher for true ameraucanas (other than their pedigree
) is their color. There are very few colors of ameraucanas that are recognized, and if they are not one of those colors, then they are still EE, even if they are pure bred. It's very confusing, I think I've finally got it figured out.

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