Are Rouen's a broody breed?


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Hi everybody and thanks for taking a look at this. I've tried to look it up, but just keep getting conflicting answers.

I'm usually over in the chicken section, but last Spring, in a weak moment (read youngest son was with me) I came home with two ducklings from the feed store.

Anyhow we have a drake and a hen. The hen started laying about two weeks ago and sometimes lays two eggs a day. I'm not sure if that is normal for ducks, I know it's not for chickens, especially the way she does it laying both eggs within an hour of each other.

What I'm wondering is if she is likely to go broody and if she does are Rouen's usually good moms? I'd like for her to hatch out a clutch, but since she's my only duck I'd need to either hold her eggs or leave them in the nest well in advance of any actuall broodiness on her part. I know with the chickens it doesn't really matter if you leave the eggs, they'll go broody on nothing when their hormones kick in and leaving eggs to encourage them is a more likely to encourage them to eat the eggs that inevetably get broken then to convince them to go broody, but I have no idea if it is the same for ducks.

Thank you!!
Yeah, I hope somone who has them will chime in. I spent about an hour on this forum and google, but for every picture of a mamma duck and babies that I'd find there would be an article about them not being prone to broodiness or about them being too heavy to incubate their own eggs without a lot of breakage. I couldn't find anything at all about whether or not they would sit on the clutch if the eggs were just left alone.... I've got a pretty good handle on the chickens, but am still pretty ignorant about ducks.

I know what you mean about not wanting to raise them yourself. I had 20+ chicks in the brooder when I got the two ducks and the ducks were as much work as all the chicks put together---Super cute though!!

ETA: I just noticed that you're in the PNW too. It's a great place to raise ducks isn't it.
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Hi Kittymomma,

Yup, I'm about an hours north of you, right on the sound. I was just down your way to eat at a little pub called Fish Tales. Their onion rings are to die for!

I just moved here from TX about a year and a half ago...I've been in heaven ever since! You guys are so nice up here! The weather, the mountians and the sound are breath taking!!

Anyway, my dear friend that I got my Rouens from told me she has had to incubate her eggs b/c the hens aren't the best broody mamas. I think that is what she told me. (Though, I don't want to believe it b/c there is nothing more adorable than a mama duck with her babies.

Lets see if anyone has a different answer.

ETA: two eggs a day, WOW!
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Thanks. Are they like chickens and just go broody when they feel like it (or not) or do I need to let her gather a clutch before she'll brood?

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