Are some standard breeds extra noisy?


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Mar 29, 2008
I have always kept a flock of assorted standards and want to get some more chicks. I love both my Light Brahma and my Hampshire hens and considered getting more but man are the talkers! I don't know if it's their individual quirks or a trait of their breeds.(They were both originally very handled children's pets) The Hamphshire just has to comment on everything (she's quite the conversationalist), but the Light Brahma makes a tremendous ruckus whenever she hears my partner's voice. She is amazingly loud. I would like to get a few more birds but don't want a chorus. Should I stick with my choice of an Austrolop, a Barred Rock and a Buff Orpington or can I risk a Hampshire or Brahma chick? I nearly died laughing when one web site called the Brahmas a quiet breed, this one could drowned out a siren!
I think it's generally more of an individual thing.

But then again quite possible you're getting a particularly noisy strain especially if they're coming from the same breeder or hatchery.

I have noticed that the offspring of my noisier hens are noisy themselves and the quiet ones likewise.

You could try to find the same breed from a different breeder but they might not have the other traits that you like in your current girls. The noise may be the trade off.

I have two hens than make a loud WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAK when they're getting treats. It goes on so long you wonder how they don't run out of breath!

I love listening to them talk but I understand not wanting a whole coop full of noisy girls.
My two exhibition Buff Orpington girls are VERY loud, but not frequently. They make me laugh out loud! My silkie Serama roo who usually only crows about 18 little crows at the crack of dawn, imitates those hens when they get to Bawk, bawk, bawk, bawk, SQUAWKing! My little Ameraucana bantam pullet hardly makes a sound unless I pick her up; then she SCREAMS a couple of times. After I have her and get seated, she settles down rapidly and sort of coo purrs. It's so SWEET! My mixed hen, Brandy is never loud. She says, Murk-murk all day long and sometimes her tone is fussy and sometimes she sounds angry. Otherwise, she's wanting to lay and egg and even though it still sounds like Murk-murk, her tone is different and I can tell her mood. The silkie Serama hen sounds like a crow when Brandy gets near her, and now that she's broody, I finally understand what a chicken growling sounds like! They all sound different, and I can tell by the sounds they make, which one made it!
:)Thanks for the input. I may love my noisey birds more just because they are so communicative. But I worry about disturbing the neighbors. My worst problem is that although I provide several nesting boxes. They seem to compete over which ever happens to be that day's favorite. One will be on the nest and another will stand nearby and squack long and loud. It's obnoxious.

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