Are the AMERICAUNAS from IDEAL hatchery ACTUALLY Americaunas?

Yep, they are EEs, not ameraucanas. I have one from ideal, and shes a great bird.

Shes stocky, and lays a great egg, and is beautiful - shes colored up kinda like a welsummer hen. Shes quiet and smart too. You should love her
Yes, it is an EE. Some of Ideal's EEs were blues, the ones I had and boy are they goreous! Sweet personality too and some are too laid back as well. Nice green egg layers.
ALL hatcheries are EE's except for breeders that are in the Amercuana Club. To find the "real" thing, go look at the Amercuana Club and you will find some good breeders in there. Some of the BYCers like Pips are very serious breeders and you should go to them.
All commercial hatcheries sell easter eggers.

A small breeder can still be a hatchery, but sell real ameraucanas. I am hoping to get listed as a hatchery soon.
I just want to express how much I love my second-hand EE
She is just the biggest sweetie with so much personality. My neighbors are fascinated by her dog-like cuddly behavior. haha

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