Are the AMERICAUNAS from IDEAL hatchery ACTUALLY Americaunas?

they will, and always be EE's if they are from a hatchery.
how do you find breeders?

We have one EE, and I think she is far superior to the four Brahmas we have.

She didn't get pasty butt, had no constipation, is the most vigorous scratcher, best at roosting, friendliest, bravest, quickest at finding bugs. Our brahmas will be still thinking about scratching in a pile of compost, and our EE has already tossed the compost all over the place and found 5 bugs. I feel like she is a sturdy mutt, and like the Brahmas are fancy poodles. (They are so sweet, and I love them, but they're just not as scrappy as our EE.)

I am quickly becoming an EE-fan, but I am curious about where you find breeders, and how much true Americaunas/Auricanas cost.
There is a true breeder of Ameraucauna in Birch Run, Michigan. His name is John Blehm and his website is Go to his website and check it out. His chicks are only available in the spring. And order early. Like maybe now. He runs out quickly! Has a few other breeds available, too. I believe he has bantams and large fowl available.
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I haven't ordered anything from him yet (would love some Chanteclers), but have heard nothing but great things about him and his chicks. He knows his stuff!
Go to the Breeds, Genetics, and Showing section. The very first post will give you good information on Araucanas, Ameraucanas, and EE's.

There are many great breeders of Ameraucanas. The Ameraucana Breeders Association website has some listed and there are several on this site.

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