Are the duckies pricey??


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How much would you say you spend on/profit from your ducks?? I wanna get 7-10 ducks, but don't have oodles of money xD I'm gonna have to start doing chores and don't wanna work myself to death o-o haha thnx (Oh, and I'm wondering about like, hay, housing, those costs too not just food...)

Well. My ducks arent that pricey, I was going to use some rubbermaid tubs as shelters and just cut a whole in the side for a door. If you are conparring them to chickens yes they do eat alot, but they are also bigger. If you are wanting a duck that wont eat alot look into welsh harlequins, they only weigh 4 lbs so they wont eat tons. But just remamber ducks will eat until they are bloated, so give them a ration. I will have 14 ducks by the end of this year, so I need to do chores as well lol.
Oh and
I am new too and learning that ducks are a demanding pet to raise! lol From experience so far, housing can be in expensive if you look on craigslist for odd's and end's for materials. Or ask friends what thye may have to give. Old dog house is what we used for thier nesting area, free. Gravel and sand we got from a neighbor who moved and never ended up using it. We got the fence posts for the frame from a friend who had extra posts. We did pay him a little for them. We bought the wire and kiddie pool retail, and we already had the tarp. So we probably spent @ $122.00 for an 8x8x3 pen. When they were babies still under the heat lamp and indoors the majority of the time, we would go through 1 bag of straw per week keeping thier pen clean. That cost @ 2.00 per bag at the co-op. Of course the food was the biggest. They ate more I think when they were babies, now we buy a 10lb bag of food every 3 weeks. And 1 bag of straw 1x per month. I only have two so your use and cost would be more. Plus we change the drinking water at least twice a day and the pool once a day. So that costs money for water.

I actually think now they cost less to maintain than our two terriers do! lol Thier food is cheaper and thier duck treats are cheaper too!

Chores have become my nightly routine, it doesn't take long to get them done anymore when you get use to it. I actually look forward to being with them and taking care of them and I think they like it too!
...i have like, a million of those plastic tubs. I love you, i didn't even think of that xD

Oh, and the shore thing, i mean I have to like, mow the lawn and do the dishes and all to pay for their food and stuff xD I wouldn't mind at all taking care of them! haha
Oh I know, I was just hoping to use them as like, dog igloos and put them inside the cage so they had shelter. would that be ok?? or do they need something more stable?
I'd say the set up is the pricey part. My duck pen all in all cost me over 200 dollars but at the time I was set up for horses not ducks and had to make adjustments to my barn to protect them. They will need a night time pen that is secure or they will get eaten. Now food wise I don't know. I have spent maybe 25 dollars on food since I got them over three months ago and I'm just now running out. I only have three though. Welsh Harlequins (I advise them to everyone!). Take bedding into consideration too. Most bedding, straw or pine chips (never cedar it causes blader infections) is about 5 dollars per bale/bag. Also older ducks need a small pool of clean water. We work off of a well, so it costs us nothing, but you may want to think about that. Over all I don't think they are expensive but keeping things clean is a lot of work.

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