Are there any black breeds with white lacing?

True lacing, no. It's one of those colors debated (but I'm sure are) not possible.

You can get a Birchen with excess chest color in the form of lacing, but not a true white laced black.
Silver laced wyandotte
I believe, like with the birchen, that will be silver laced, not white laced. There is a difference, genetically and visually.
Dont feel stupid, its Possible to have a Black bird with white lacing.. you just have to work realy realy hard

below example bird is one of those birds that one can start a Huge progect like the one you want..


That is a birchen with excess color on the chest.
Which is what I mentioned earlier. I'd love to see a truly laced (as in Ml/Ml and Pg/Pg on a partridge or crowwing based bird) bird though, especially a hen!

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