Are there any get togethers planned for this spring?

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    Hi there! We are new to the backyard chickens and I was wondering if there are any swaps or auctions coming up in the next month or two in the Pacific Northwest such as in Elma or Chehalis. I have heard of auctions and swaps happening in Centralia or Chehalis. Do they still do them? We have so many questions about raising chickens where it rains a lot. We are hoping to get some Pullets? from Chickilady? in Raymond. I am sorry if I got your profile name wrong. My name is Ellen and my inquiring mind is going in circles trying to figure things out for our circumstances, high interest-low budget. Any help with swaps or auctions and advice is welcomed (usually!).
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    Mar 26, 2011
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    Mar 20, 2015
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    Dec 26, 2012
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    Thank you Silseb for the link about shows! The only problem for me is that I'm tired of big City life and don't like going to the Tacoma Seattle areas. Too many people and too much crime or the potential even though the ratio could be the same. I was hoping for something more toward the Olympic Peninsula or Elma, someplace like that. Thanks again!
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    Thank you Trovito! That is the sale I was looking for. We're now in the process of planning out and building the coop and replacing the front gate to the run/pen. I'm looking forward to both the build and getting some fowl. I'd have a whole menagerie( I love peacocks and I just saw the Sebastopol Goose... beautiful creatures!) if it was cost effective and I had the good health to care for that many animals; the land too. A dog and some chickens will have to do. Cheerio!

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