Are there any Green Cheek Conure breeders in Alaska?


9 Years
Mar 16, 2014
I have been looking around, but can't find the information I need. Either it is super outdated or a complete lie to get more clicks. I have also been looking into shipping one up, but all I can find are scams or outdated sites. I will be looking to get the bird starting in October.

The "hand fed" gcc at Wasilla Petco are $800 for wild type coloring and the pet stores in anchorage while only around $650-$700 don't specify hand fed or not. I really don't want to give them my money so I figured that if I am going to be spending that much I might as well just look for someone who actually loves the birds they raise.

Does anyone know of somebody local or does anybody have a recommendation for a breeder from the lower 48 that is willing to ship a bird to Alaska?
$800 is about the going rate here now for a green cheek conure. I've seen them go for $900.
I don't believe anybody will ship to Alaska from the lower 48, the risks to the bird are too great.
Honestly, these days, you'll be lucky to find a hand-fed conure for $800. They go for 1.3k at my local pet store, and you won't find much better on rehoming sites.

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