Are there illnesses the children can catch from chickens?

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    I posted last week about our chick who isn't doing well. Most likely it's due to early brain injury, and we started her on vitamins and herbs, but becasue I don't know much about chickens I am a bit worried about my children handling her. They want to help her so much but I am worried about what if this is something humans could catch?
    The past few days she is looking more and more scragly and her legs shake often. She sometimes just plain falls over.
    So - are there illnesses humans can catch and what do they look like? Oh and I don't mean salmonella.

    Thanks so much
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    I would ask your pediatrician and vet that question, too. They (especially the vet) can probably tell you what diseases tend to be common problems in your area.

    That said, I personally don't worry too much about catching things from the animals. In your situation, I would just make sure my daughter washed her hands well after handling the chick.

    You didn't mention how old your kids are. I would be more careful around very young children.

    Side note: it's interesting to note that studies have shown that kids raised around animals tend to have fewer allergies and stronger immune systems than their non-animal-owning peers. [​IMG]

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