Are there sunlight requirements for chickens

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  1. Farmer Mike S

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    Oct 18, 2012
    Glen Mills, PA
    I got four possible spots for my chicken coop, and two spots get at least a half day of direct sunlight, and the other two maybe get a few hours because they got big trees near them. I was wondering if light is an important factor for chickens, and theyre gonna have their own run so they will be in that spot all day by the way.
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    Oct 18, 2012
    light is an important factor to chickens. They need 14 hours of light to lay
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    Apr 22, 2012
    Southwest Virginia
    My Coop
    My chickens tend to love being outdoors--in the shade of a tree or bush. The spots with a few hours of sunlight with big trees shading the run seem like the best for hens. My hens love to sunbathe, but usually do so in the mornings and evenings, keeping to the shade in the middle of the day. Hope this helps [​IMG]
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    May 28, 2009
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    We chose a spot that is shaded 70% of the day, and gets the setting sun after about 3pm. During the summer it works out great because the trees keep it shaded for most of the day. During the winter the chickens still go outside, and they all flock to the sunspots an sunbathe when they can.

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