Are these a marans?


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Jul 21, 2009
Port Angeles, Wa
I acquired 5 girls and would like to know your thoughts on these 2 Please and thank you :) They are now at 4 months.

This one had feathered feet

Where this one does not

Bluish ones feet
They're pretty girls! They look like they could be Marans or a Marans mix. A Marans should have feathered shanks, but sometimes they don't (which is not breed standard, by the way, but still can be a Marans). I think the big test will be to see if they lay dark eggs.
Hey @debbie_nibbles I got two black copper marans chicks from Baxter Barn too. I got them at 1 day old back at end of September. The two are very different from each other. Both have feathered legs at least. I think Baxter gets their chickens from various breeders and not sure who they get them from but was searching for other people that have gotten their BCM's from Baxter to see what they look like and found you. Your two don't look anything like mine either which seems odd if they all came from the same breeder. One of mine is nearly all black and the other has too much copper and mossyness for a true BCM. I love them both though. I don't plan on breeding them anyway and just wanted the dark eggs from them. Neither has started laying eggs yet. Have yours laid any? I'm curious how dark your eggs ended up being and what age they started laying.

here's a photo of both of them together when they were younger and one at 10 weeks. They are 13 weeks now. Mary no longer has any white feathers and has maybe 3 copper feathers on the back of her neck. Molly's head is completely copper and the rest of her body is mossy.

I have a bunch more pics of them, the easter eggers I got from Baxter and my adult layers on my Google+ page.


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