Are These Buff Orpington Chicks? (1-2 Weeks)


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May 25, 2012
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Hello there!

We've just got our very first batch of chicks and are so thrilled to start our little backyard flock. We picked these little guys (well...hopefully mostly gals...) up at Atwoods, where they were being cleared out for cheap, cheap. ;-) The clerk said he was pretty sure they were Buff Orpingtons and I was curious if you experts concurred with his assessment. I'm pretty sure at least one is not a BO though. This mystery chick looks like they're already working on a comb and has some red to it's wing feathers, so I'm curious if it's a breed that has a comb or if we have ourselves a little boy chickie.

So, any thoughts on our little chickies? I'm guessing they're between 1-2 weeks old. I can post better pictures or descriptions if these don't suffice for identification.


The Chickies

Supposed BO



Mystery Chick

Mystery Chick Different Angle (Coloring Is Best In This Picture)

Mystery Chick

Mystery Chick
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Thanks for the insights! I guess we'll just have to wait a bit longer to see what exactly they are - but it sounds like BOs they are not.

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