Are these ducks going to be ready?


Nov 19, 2016
Huntington, Indiana
Hey guys I have 4 ancona ducks (two of which i am going to be putting in the 4-h fair). When they go in to the fair they will be just 4 months old. I wanted to know if I will be able to tell the females from males, and if they will be big enough. I was thinking of feeding them turkey feed. Thanks!
mine are 2 months old and i think there both females, there is a great page on here about sexing ducklings. just search up how to sex ducklings and the page should come up :)
by 8-10 wks they'll be fully feathered, you'll see drake feathers (a few curled up tail feathers) in the drakes and the drakes' voices will be hoarse like frogs or crickets while the ducks will have the "quack" voice.

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