Are these eggs from the same chicken?

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    I know that my two Barred Rocks are laying -- Sam laid her first egg today, a small-medium. (Not pictured, sorry, Sam.)

    The question is whether my New Hampshire Red is also laying.

    Any opinions about whether these eggs (below pics with and without flash) are from the same pullet? I'm wondering about the variation in the shade of brown. Thanks in advance for any opinions!


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    I don't think all 3 are from the same hen. It might help if you keep track over a week or so. A hen is not going to lay more than one in the same day.
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    I don't know, Big Sis lays eggs that are light brown most of the time but about once a week she'll lay one that is almost white. The only way I found it was her for sure was when she was in isolation after she got a wound on her back and she was the only one in the pen. They won't all match all the time.
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    Thanks for the info! and opinions. [​IMG]

    The first two (from left to right) are from the same bird. I saw her lay both of them. It's the one on the right that I am not sure about, lighter brown.

    All 3 eggs were laid on different days.

    The BR laid the middle egg around noon yesterday. I found the egg on the right, stone cold, at around 8:45 this AM. So if it is the BR, she is short-cycling. Her first egg (on the left) was on Monday. [​IMG]
  5. JennsPeeps

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    Eggs 1 & 3 look to be from the same bird. So if eggs 1 & 2 are known to be from the same girl, then I'd guess that all are from the same bird.
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    Actually, I think that #3 was laid by my NHR. #3 appeared early yesterday AM and it was cold when I found it. If my NHR laid this one, then my BR did not lay yesterday.

    This morning, I found an egg looking much like #1 in the nest box (already cold) -- I believe an egg from the BR. After that, I saw the NHR in the nest box. Then, about an hour later, around noon, was a lighter brown egg like #3.

    It seems that both of them are laying approx every 1.5 days which seems reasonable, in my inexperienced opinion, for new laying pullets in the cold dark winter in Vermont. Each gal seems to lay an egg in the early AM on day, followed the next day by an egg around noon-1 pm.

    In total, I think I now have 3 chickens laying, and thus only have to get the Easter Egger online. I sure hope I can tell which ones are hers!! [​IMG]

    I'm up to 7 eggs in total, Monday through Saturday!

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