Are these leg mites? (Slightly graphic pics)


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Jul 23, 2009
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It looks like she has had these for a while but I just now noticed them. Do you all think these are leg mites?



The scales on her legs are about completely off and one of her feet are starting to bleed. When she walks, she flaps her wings like it hurts her. For the past couple days, I have been soaking her foot in flea shampoo and coating them in campho phenique. I got this method from a search I did on here but I didn't know if there was a way more effective other than the vaccination. Thanks in advance for any help:)
OUCH! do a search on here. Put in treat scaley leg mites and a bunch of info will come up for you to read through.
i read Ivermectin in the water works wonders , but do a search for yourself.
Best of luck getting it cleared up!
Oh lord yes! I treated some hens that were even worse than these. All you have to do is dip their legs in any kind of oil. Doesn't matter what kind. It smothers the mites. I would dip them every two or three days for a couple weeks or so. The oil will smother the mites and also will help the crusty stuff (the mites secrete that) off their legs. Don't pull it off. It will pull and bleed. If you have some you can also put pour on ivomec on them but you don't have to. I would dust the nest/coop areas with seven as well.
Good lord!! (sorry, worst case ive seen so far)

Go to my BYC page and scroll down to permethrin and read about total control. You need to get the coop, new bedding, and birds. You'll use ivermectin pour on for the birds, and 10% Permethrin for the coop and the birds feet. So you need the dosage for ivermec, permethrin bird spray and permethrin premise spray. All on my it all the same day. Repeat bird treatment in ten days
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