Are these next 2 on pg 2 "show" quality???


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Or is he mixed????? 7 month old Buck His name is Ziggy, we don't really mind if he is mixed but I need to catagorize him as mixed in the 4h fair if he is. My son thinks he is the greatest rabbit on Earth so show him win or lose we will:) Just like to know what class to put him under. Thanks ahead of time.


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Thanks. He is still nervous with kids as he was "played" with to rough by little kids who he scratched so they got rid of him, thankfully I guess we love him.
Oh thanks he does have one long sprig of hair that sticks up I always pet it down.

So do you know what this guy is?? So does that make my youngest son's 3 month old buck a Ruby Eyed White Lionhead? First time with rabbits. Thanks for the info.
bad picture can get better one tomorrow if needed. This does not show how nice his mane looks today and very close up.


His baby picture shows his eyes better.
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Yup, both single mane lionheads. People are so familiar with the looks of the double mane ones, but these guys are lionheads too
BTW the ruby eye guy would do better at the shows, because he has a bigger mane, and I think the charlie pattern is not desireable. Its considered a mismark.
I agree the ruby eyed is the better of the two and actually they both will be going, only because we enter a fun class and I don't have the heart to tell one son that the his brother's bunny is better quality. We mostly show chickens and this is our first year with a horse.

Thanks for the info:) Also thanks mom'sfolly they are cute and my kids love them.

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