are these possibly goose eggs?


9 Years
Mar 7, 2010
Will spring goslings start laying around now or are these giant duck eggs? I have two Embden geese that I unfortunately didn't sex as babies b/c I didn't realize males and females looked different. I can't remember for the life of me what they looked like. One of them has always been both more friendly and aggressive, I guess depending on his mood. He has recently started attacking my 5 year old daughter when she tries to collect eggs. I didn't really pay attention to the eggs till tonight when I went to wash some of the dirty duck eggs and realized some of the clean ones were enormous. They are also slightly more tan in color than my white duck eggs, but the shell has the same smooth texture, not like the chicken eggs. What do you think? Oh, the more aggressive goose also has a noticeably darker beak and legs, though they are pretty bright orange on both of them. What do you think? Just giant Pekin duck eggs or goose? I'd include a recent pic of the geese if it wasn't too dark out. Lol
Those look very ducky since they arent huge. Goose eggs even first eggs are huge. Like hand size huge.

Most breeds lay the next spring. So 2013 hatchlings lay spring 2014.
Oh yeah those are duck eggs notice the waxy look and if you rub them you feel this waxy tint on the outside of the egg

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