Are these roosters?? New to the chicken world!


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May 11, 2014
Hey all! Im new to this site and to chickens too! We bought these two chicks at a feed store are now starting to caw VERY early in the morning! Im not sure on exact age, we bought them around early June and were told they were a few days old. The grey/brown one has gotten bigger than all the others FAST and seems to be the head honcho of the flock. The other has stayed pretty small (we have other females that are bigger--IF its a male) but again has started cawing so that makes me wonder. Any thoughts and opinions are greatly appreciated! Thanks in advance!

The grey/brown is Finn and the black/brown is Jake.

The polish has long streamers in his crest, and both have pointy hackle and pointy saddle feathers, which only roosters get. It it looks like you say they are crowing, which means rooster
Think if we kept them, they would become aggressive towards us and each other? We have five small children around too :/
It really depends on the bird, I've had nice roosters and mean ones.

X2 on that. These are generally pretty docile breeds, but I had a golden polish once (named Ivan) that was the most aggressive bird I've ever had. He attacked and attempted to spur anything and everything that came near him. Interestingly enough, he never attacked me, but anyone else was an immediate target for him, including my family, so Ivan had to go. You can try and keep them, but if they become at all aggressive, I would cut them from the flock, for the safety of the children, and because you don't want to breed that kind of aggression into your flock. Good luck with your roosters.

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