Are these Saxony ducks?


6 Years
Jun 1, 2013
Hello everyone!

A few months ago I purchased of what I was told were saxony ducklings. Now they are 23 weeks old and they color on them doesn't look like it should be for saxony ducks.


Are these saxony ducks or a different breed?

Thanks in advance!
I looked up pictures of silver appleyards and the female does look like one. I don't think the drake is a welsh harlequin though because i also got one of those when I purchased the other two, but he does look similar to WH drake only size and a slight different color pattern differentiates them
Could he be a snowy mallard? Saxony males have gray heads. Maybe it's the lighting in the photo that makes his head look green.
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His head is green. When I got them, the other ducklings look exactly them and were also label as Saxony ducklings. Could he possibly be a silver appleyard too maybe? I will try and get another picture of his head.
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Yes, definitely appleyard in there. Appleyards can vary in appearance slightly from individual to individual. But, I love them, they have such great personalities.
Ok sweet! I was looking forward for the saxonys but these birds are just as gorgeous! Thank you again!

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