Are these signs that she is blind?


8 Years
Mar 24, 2012
My little hen is not doing well, but is still doing better than she was.

She is eating regularly now, but seems to miss each time she tries to peck at her food. I tap the bottom of the feed dish with my finger nail, and she lifts her head and stabs where my finger is, and starts to eat. I have tried putting my finger directly in front of her eyes; no reaction. She is a Belgian Bearded D'uccle, and has large muffs. When I touch my finger to her muffs--in front of her eye--she jerks her head away and blinks.

I have dealt with a chick that was blind, and she was showing similar signs. My hen, Bonny, was very sick last night, so I thought maybe this could be linked to her sickness?

Thanks in advance!

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