Are these Silver Laced Wyandottes roos?

Mrs Peaches

7 Years
Mar 30, 2013
Clovis California
They are 6 weeks old now.
It's hard to tell without seeing their tail and saddle feathers, as well as the back of their necks. It's still pretty early to tell, wyandottes are a slower maturing breed to begin with. I had a blue laced red Wyandotte that was supposed to be a pullet, and she just looked so different from the other ones, I thought she was sick, wouldn't squat, wouldn't lay eggs, and finally when "she" was about 4 or 5 months old it became more apparent that she was a he.
They look like roos to me. Big red combs and wattles for 6 weeks, and I see the hackle area is distinct in color from the rest of the body, whereas a hen would have lacing even on her neck.

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