Are these the right breeds, and what's these two last ones?


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I'm looking to confirm breeds and get your opinion on two that were given to us.

Barred Rock? (is that the same as Plymouth Rocks?)


What are these? I totally apologize about the picture quality. It was taken with a phone - our camera quit on us! I can tell you they are a couple of roosters....always puffing their neck feathers, jumping on each other, etc.

yes on the BR (they are Plymouth, but the barred type)

#2, what type of comb? A Wyandotte has a rose comb I believe, yours appears to have a single? but it sure looks like one...maybe a mix.

#3, RIR
1. Barred Plymouth Rock Hen
2. Silver Laced Wyandotte with a Single Comb. I was going to suggest she was a silver laced Plymouth Rock... but something about her says Wyandotte. Wyandottes are supposed to have rosecombs, not single combs.
3. Two Rhode Island Red (or Production Red) Cockerels
Barred Plymouth Rock
Silver Laced "Wyandotte"
Production Reds

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1) Ditto on the Barred Plymouth Rock.
Plymouth Rock is the breed, Barred the color variety. They come in several varieties, white, partridge, buff, columbian etc...

2) Mix/Cross.
Wyandottes do not have single combs and it's tail shape and coloring look off. It's Wyandotteesque but not a Wyandotte.

3) I'd guess Production Red.
You could ask a RIR expert. They look too light in color and small to be RIR to me.

Your roos look like a fun pair!
hatchery-sourced wyandottes are known to have single combs pop up fairly frequently. i got 4 this past season, and one of them ended up with the single comb. she might be a mix, but, i'm guessing you probably just got her from a feed store or hatchery?
1 - Barred Plymouth Rock hen (Plymouth Rock is the breed, Barred is the color variety. Many people shorten it to Barred Rock).

2 - Silver Laced Wyandotte hen (single combs are somewhat common in hatchery Wyandottes).

3 - Rhode Island Red roosters.

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