Are they eating enough?


8 Years
Jul 11, 2011
Cottage Grove, Oregon
I have been wondering about my Bantam pullets. They are about 4.5 months old. At the moment I have only two. Their food is always in their pen - which is available to them all day. But I am not sure if they eat any during the day. The only time that I actually SEE them eat it is when they go to bed. It appears to me that they will "notice it" and go crazy eating for about 20 seconds and then get up on their roost. Is this just a bedtime snack? They graze my yard all day. They have definitely grown in the six weeks that I have had them. Their gullets are full when I pick them up. They are lively and their feathers are beautiful. I filled up one of those mason jar feeders over a week ago and it is still half full. I still have the on the starter/grower. I have put a cuttle bone in there with them. I realize that they are very small and that there are only two. Also it has been unusually hot, but should they be eating more? There are lots of good plants and bugs in my yard but I want to make sure they get enough of what they need. Should I put food outside their pen also? Should I switch them to a higher protein if they are eating so little pellets. They are not laying yet, and I assume they should start within the next couple of months...Any suggestions.

Chickens are real good about what they like to eat. Sounds like they are eating just fine. Mine would rather free range all the time then eat there pellet food. I'm only real concerned when they are little, I want to make sure they eat plenty then. But when they are older I don't worry so much as long as you know they are eating when they are out and about. I always let them have some access to there pellet food. Yes, I would put food outside there pen, that way it always there when they walk by.
If your chickens have bright colors in their feathers and are active no crust in their beaks and poo is not off colored or runny then don't doubt what you are doing.... U don't have to see them eat to know they are.

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