Are they noisy when they're ready to lay?


10 Years
Sep 27, 2009
Floresville, Texas
I've got a RIR that has been bawking all morning, I'm in the city, so I've been trying to keep her quiet...but to no avail. I figure she's got an egg to lay, since nothing else has worked. I let her forage the yard for awhile, she came back bawking again...getting the others all riled up. I put her in the garage alone with a nestbox.
Hope this shuts her up, lol.

I know chickens can be noisy, especially when an egg is laid, but are they generally noisier when they're getting ready to lay? She's being VERY noisy!
I have a loud mouth girl too- an EE and she was loud weeks before she laid her first egg. The SLW lays her egg in total silence both before and after- never makes a peep.
I am also in the city- so I found that if I save up "treats" (keep a bowl on my counter) and when she goes off on one of her bawking rampages- I go out and put whatever it is in their pen she shuts up because she's too busy eating. It can be leftovers from the night before- or cuttings from the vegetable garden- or cantaloupe and apple peels- just about anything to eat gets her off her chatty mode. Good luck
I'm going out to buy a watermelon, lol.
I won't have a garden until Spring.

Putting her in the garage has helped, she's shut up. It's not that i'm not allowed to have them, just that I would think the neighbors won't appreciate a loud mouthed chicken. The neighbor next to me does not mind, but the one next to her is a PITA and complains about everything. Think I'll go over and give her a dozen eggs today, lol.

This girl laid an egg 2 days ago, so I'd think she might be ready for another. So far nothing though.
They practice the noise before they start laying some times. This might go on for a week or better. lol. But yeah, they get noisy when they lay, or are about to.
My Barred Rocks are laying, but aren't nearly as noisy as this girl. They're bawking, but not no one can really hear it. Are the RIR's generally louder?

I've got one Barred Rock that keeps coming and going from the nestbox...
My buff orpington was extremely noisy the first couple of times she laid an egg. She seems to have chilled out after a couple.

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