Are they really THAT cunning?

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7 Years
Feb 1, 2012
Are foxes really that cunning? I went out last week for an hour in the middle of the day. I took my dogs with me for the drive and all my girls were in my enclosed back garden eating away.

When I came back four of them were gone, two remained – one silkie and one big girl.
I have a gate which is between my deck and back garden which was closed but two big plants were knocked over on the deck.

I think it was a fox, I called all my neigbours who heard nothing and no one seems to have seen a dog about - but since my dogs cant get out of the garden I cant see how one could get in.

My favorite girl was found on the street at the top of our drive, she wasn’t alive.
I live on an acerage in a valley, I have seen a fox at dusk despite the baiting they are doing up the road.

Dad says it would have watched and seen me leaving with the boys and therefore been bold enough to come in, but do they do that?

Now I am totally paranoid, I lock the silkies in their bedroom (which is in my back garden) when I leave the house and the big girls (two now as I got her a new a friend) have a new enclosed area for them which we are about to hot tape...and then yesterday I saw the bloody hawk...
Two big plants knocked over, and one of the birds left dead on the street? Foxes are indeed clever and persistent, but they are also light and graceful, not clumsy, and not careless when it comes to their prey. I'd say it was a dog.
oh sorry!

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