are TSC and orschliens (sp) phoning it in


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Apr 13, 2010
We were going to check out the new birds at the feed stores today and both of them had new signage for their birds. At tsc they had red chickens with a disclaimer saying that it could be a rhode island, new hampshire a couple other or red sex link. bantums were straight run misc and two unlabeled tanks. the other place, which i cant spell, had black sex links a few unnamed, rainbow layer pullets (which looked like a assortment of reds Barred rocks, orphs and a weird looking grey thing), and bantums. We arent in the market for a new bird, yes i know chicken math, but if we were getting more it just seemed real iffy as the what we would be getting this time around.
I was at TSC today buying chicks and they had ducklings. There was a teenage kid asking what the brown and yellow stripey duckling were and the guy said they were marked as "ducks" from the hatchery. I wonder if that's how they get the deals they get?
Maybe they ordered a mixed assortment and don't know what is what.

They were marked "ducks"... That is too funny.

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