Are you good at candling dark eggs?


Nov 19, 2018
It's my first time incubating. We're on day 10 now. Of 15 eggs, 12 have obvious development and movement. They are all light eggs. Then I have two olive eggers and one black copper maran.

One olive egger appears to be a dud, but in person looks like it has/had an air sac. The other olive egger is dark on one side, but light on the other. I'm guessing it's developing.

The bcm has an air sac, but I couldn't tell if there was movement. My husband is trying to make a diy candler as we speak, so maybe it'll be better than just a phone light... Anyway, here is the bcm...


Usually if it’s that see-through it means it’s infertile. But I don’t remove any eggs until day 18 unless I’m 100% it’s infertile on day 10
On day 10 that doesn’t look good to me. But if you want wait until day 14 and if they still look like that I would toss but do an eggtopsy to verify. I say day 14 since I candle on days 7, 10, 14 & 18

OE #2 looks like it’s fertile. But OE #1 does not, same with BCM = does not look fertile

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