Are your animals acting strange, too?? HELP?!

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  1. petitesphinx

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    Aug 20, 2008
    Is anyone else's animals acting weird?? And what part of the US are you?

    For the past week, I've mentioned to my husband that our animals seemed to of gone mad. We're in a farm and have LOTS of animals! We're also in the southern US in Alabama; the weather has dipped and is chilly now.

    Our chickens pecked at me today for the first time ever and pecked our very large rooster to death. They have NEVER pecked at me, once I entered the coop-they swarmed me! They act like they're crazy or starved and they have plenty of food, water, shelter. They've been wormed and put antiboitic in their water just in case they were sick.

    Our cats are acting very strange; trying to run into our house (they're outside BARN cats) and hanging around the porch all day/all night. Chatting, meowing, following us around.

    Our dogs (5 months old) are chasing the animals and they know better. Our Mastiff, just tried to eat the THIRD duck this morning, after killing one last week and injuring another the previous week. Or it's the neighbor's dog who will NOT stay off our property. (I have this little duck in our bathtub trying to keep it alive.) The dogs are all put on long leases until we find out what is killing the ducks. Our sweet Great Pyerense who's only 5 months old and raised with the chickens started chasing them yesterday---he has never done that or shown an interest in chasing them. AGGGGRRR. I do not know WHAT is going on!

    Our goats and sheep are following us around constantly, bahhhhing and acting like they're starving; again-plenty of food AND grass for them to eat. When I drop food-they fight and act like they haven't eaten in weeks! And now our goats and sheep are fighting and our sheep are peaceful animals?! They have been wormed as well.

    WHAT is happening around here??

    Anyone else having animals going bizerk???
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    Oct 5, 2008
    Hope Mills, NC
    Could you neighbors be holding a grudge setting traps or poison? Could pests be getting in the food? Have you changed anything in your routine?

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