Are Your Chickens Livestock or Pets?

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    To me the term livestock implies some type of profit. I have friends who raise cattle,hogs,rabbits,sheep all to be sold for meat or to provide their family with meat. I love to watch the heards of beautiful black angus cattle they are majestic animals but I would never want one for a pet.
    My chickens are pets. Pets with benefits (eggs). I personally cannot cull my birds but my friend helps me when needed.
    To me it’s all in how you care for your animals. My chickens are cared for (I hate to say) better than some pet dogs. And they receive a balanced nutritional diet, I provide medical care (on my own). Sadly there are children in the world that don’t have it as good as my chickens. Or my dogs or my husband and my self.
    For some the meaning of livestock is simple.
    Pets evoke emotion and serve as a pleasure from a abundant life.
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