Argent advice duck attact by dogs

Sharona Murray

5 Years
Apr 19, 2014
Last nigh my couple month old duck has gotten into my dogs yard and has been bitten. She has puncher wounds under and around her wings but none seem to be broken. She hasnt been walking she stands sometimes but not for very long. She isnt eating at all has been drinking little bits of water, but has thrown up a couple times. There is also some watery green liquid dripping from her mouth. I have been rinsing the wounds then applying betadine, dose anyone have some feed back that could assist me as I cant afford a vet.
I don't know about ducks, but I would give her some electrolytes in the water, and syringe or dropper it into her mouth as often as you can. Put antibiotic ointment (Neosporin, Bacitracin, etc.) on the wounds and watch for infection around the puncture wounds. Give her some soft scrambled egg or high protein food (try wetting it) when she is eating. Tube feeding may be necessary until she eats well.

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