ARGHH Humidity Level Dropped BIG Time!


9 Years
Aug 28, 2010
Cedar Springs, Michigan
Yesterday humidity level was 70%+ after the trip because I think some water spilled into the other water resevors(sp) my mom said it was 70% this morning, I just got here and the humidity level is showing only 35%!! How can it drop that fast? She must not have seen right. OMG I'm like freaking out now because I'm 1wk from lock down and don't want anything to go wrong, so I hurried up and filled the center up with warm water, the humidity level is up to 60% now, but talk about a panic. So I really don't know how long the humidity level was that low. My mom said she checked this morning and it was 70%. Will the babies be alright during a drop that doesn't last to long??? Oh please oh please tell me yes! Temp remained at accurate level, just not the humidity.
Humidity is defined by surface exposure. The more exposure the higher it will be. You are right it spilled over and then evaporated faster due to more surface exposure. Mine went once down to 20% overnight, because I forgot to refill. It did not hurt the eggs. Short time drop is ok.
Thank you Katharina!

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