Ascites in Ducks

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Oct 3, 2009
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That’s too bad. I have had 2 EE Hens with it both lived to 7-8 yrs old I never drained them but the last 6 months of their lives it got pretty bad and we had to make the decisions to put them down. Hope you can get help and learn how to do the draining yourself.


Dec 30, 2019
I know a Lady from New Jersey who has a Chicken rescue but sometimes she runs across ducks that she takes in and re-homes. She said they were on Craigslist and the people didn't want them anymore. There were others in the flock that people took but no one wanted these two so I took them. They were so skinny and skittish. Sad. The Khaki was horribly overmated. Her neck had all the feathers ripped out and it would break open and bleed and she has permanent sinus damage from it. They're doing so much better now. Happy and full of energy. Just gotta get these issues worked out for them. Hopefully the Vet can fix them up.
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