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Discussion in 'Ducks' started by CarmenNebe, Mar 16, 2012.

  1. I am hoping that someone will read this and possibly have some advice for me. I have two Indian Runners, they are now 7 months old and both laying eggs almost every day. I have noticed that Daisy, that is the ducks name, is limping. She has done that before and it disappeared as suddently as it came but today it was different, lasted longer. She was still eating and drinking water but not responding to the special treats as she did before. Can someone please help?

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    Ducks can sometimes have weak legs if they are not getting enough Niacin. They can get sprains often due to this. Or... check her foot and see if she may have an injury or bumblefoot. Something may just be sore. Good luck hope you find the problem.
  3. thank you for your post, I did check but could not see any injury I will do some research on Niacin thank you again
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    I have found that my ducks are quite clumsy and often limp for a day or two. i would just monitor the situation as you have not detected any obvious injury. She may be fine in a day or two, I hope so.

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    I would be more worried if she wasnt eating at all- as it would be a sign that she was in considerable pain. It is most likely a strain and will just take a few days until she is able to walk properly again. Did you feel any heat in the joints at all or detect any inflammation ?
  6. thanks for your reply, no heat and no inflamation and now, (12 hrs later in the morning) she is fine as if there was nothing wrong at all.....
  7. thank you, I really appreciate the replies I got, I am still a novice at having chickens and ducks ......

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