Change in America begins at the dinner table
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Jun 15, 2020
Elkton, OR

I believe you are of a higher IQ from what I’ve gleaned from your interactions with people.
If you’re stuck in a rut, turn the wheel harder and find traction. The fact you are a living, breathing individual is indicative of the possibility to change things. Set all goals aside for a minute. Assess the hardest impact situations you’re faced with right this very moment, and change them. You can, in fact, do this. It may be very difficult, but the first three items are typically 50% of the load.
I had a friend who was in a position of disparity that decided not being, was easier than being. It’s been fifteen years and I still miss his wise ass remarks.
Figure out what makes you happy, and find it. Then worry about the rest of the stuff.

I don’t know you from Adam. Feel free to reach out via PM and I will gladly give you direct contact info so we can chat.


Change in America begins at the dinner table
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Jun 15, 2020
Elkton, OR
Thank you for the offers. I've talked about things with many people, but unfortunately it can't change the immutable.
Then you’ve not talked with the right people. Everything is relative. Find someone that can relate, therefore understand.
Understanding leads to health.


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May 20, 2020
NE Ohio
It says I’m not at all a nice person.
I’m faithful. I fight only when there’s no other choice (and went to jail briefly because of it) I help friends but my circle is very small. If someone is being an a** I will call them on it.

Not sure what it takes to be ‘nice’ according to these people, but any more ‘nice’ and I’m a mindless zombie. I prefer to associate with people that stand for something.
Well then I guess say Hi to a mindless zombie. Apparently, I’m
Not at all a bad person - say what now? I know this is rigged (somehow) :lau

Honeslty, though, they don’t give fair choices for answers. And the screen jumps due to the ads causing me submit wrong answers. I did go back and change the two
I noticed were wrong. Who knows how many others were wrong.

I won’t share the results from the earlier posted tests. Lol!

@CarpCharacin, no one can tell you what to do with yourself. You’re gifted aren’t you? There is a direct correlation between gifted children and esteem issues. Talking to others didn't help you said. You dont have to answer, at least not publicly, who did you talk to?
Like MarkJr, I don’t know you from Adam, but you are very clearly cared about on this site.
My kid is still dealing with similar issues. I’ve “successfully” repressed mine, until they rear back up here and there.
Do you have any type of outlet?
Do you have any type of human interaction, with people other than immediate family you see every. single. day.?
I don't like people either, that’s why my house is a zoo. It’s my avoidance strategy.
I can pm you if you like. My kid is, I assume, close to your age, or at least a lot closer than I. Honestly, you sound like you could be his brother or something. He loves to grab his DSM5 and just study it nonstop.

Sapphire Sebright

There is nothing new under the sun ~ Eccles. 1:9
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Jun 22, 2019
Pitiful confusion
I have failed to meet a single relatable person around my age in real life. But I still don't really feel "gifted", LOL. I just feel like I have an especially execrable personality.
Take a shot at it -- you never know what will help you, or who.


Nov 8, 2017
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There is a line between doing good things for others, and being an absolute pushover who does everything that others tell them to. I'd rather not be the latter.
I got this one too. I once melted an entire plastic concrete mixing thing for fun, I butcher chickens, and once I threw gum on the road and felt bad about it immediately after but other than that I try to do my very best to be a good person.

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