Assisted Hatching Gone Wrong

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    Apr 28, 2016
    This morning I attempted to help a chicken hatch from the egg and I thought he was ready, but I drew blood. I put a dry paper towel on him to stop bleeding and then put the egg back in the incubator. This was my fist time doing assisted hatching and I read the article but it wasn't very clear on what to do if I raw blood. I do not know the breed of the egg and he pipped yesterday morning with no help and made no progress within 12 hours, I know most chicks can take a while to start zipping but I had already lost 2 in the pipping/zipping stage. As of right now there are no other pipped, zipped or hatched chicks in the incubator. please help me.[​IMG]
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    Sep 3, 2012
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    It's hard but try not to intervene unless you just have to. Wait until you think it's been long enough and then wait a little longer. I dont usually consider it before 24 hours. Anytime I open the incubator, even just a crack when I already have a pip I lose a lot of them, they get sticky and shrink wrapped :( Good luck with the rest of your hatch.

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