"Assorted Bantams" from Tractor Supply: What Do I Have?


5 Years
Feb 23, 2014
I brought home THE cutest chicks from the "assorted bantams" (straight run) bin at Tractor Supply today. Can anyone help me identify the breeds of these sweet babies?

Here's chick #1


Here's chick #2


Here's chick #3


Here's chick #4


Here's chick #5

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I'm not really sure. But last year I got two really cute bantams from tractor supply and they both turned out to be mean roosters. They pecked other chicks and the eye and really beat the others up so I gave them away. Hopefully you get cute, happy little hens. So just be careful. If you see signs of aggression with other chickens or just eachother, they may be roosters. But just because they do this doesn't mean they are. I'm sorry I thought you meant the gender. Never mind. I'm not sure of the breeds. 1 is probaly a silkie. 5cornish rock. (Really fat birds. My favorites, they are so funny) 6 may be an Americana. It looks a little like my Americana chicks
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1= silkie 2= mille fleur d'uccle 3=silver sebright 4=porcelain d'uccle and 5 is another mille fleur d'uccle. (All my guesses)
Thank you! What a fun assortment!! Now I have to wait and see how many pullets I get.... Fingers crossed!

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