At first I didn't think she was serious!


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Dh and I met some friends at the lake last week. I thought the men might like my pickled eggs. I make them spicy and figured it may be fun to share them with friends. I brought the one wife a dozen fresh eggs because she always says how much she loves them. She knows she gets a free dozen every time I visit. She is always excited and grateful. Her daughter- in- law however...

I put the jar on the table and she asked if those were made from my eggs. Yes I told her, of course! Well then how do you know there isn't a chick inside it?! I was dumbfounded at first, then I said well I collect them right away. "Oh so you collect them before the rooster gets a chance to fertilize them?"

She is a school teacher and has hatched eggs in her class room. After I gathered my thoughts(and took my jaw off the floor
) I explained that they were fertilized before they were laid and that in order to develop they had to be held at a certian temp for a certian period of time. "Well I know, I hatch them in my class"

Oh my!!!! That reminds me of the teacher that told my DS that a Rooster is not a chicken!!
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If I told you it'll be worse before it gets better, will it make it ok? I just transferred some credits to start grad school (I'm also a teacher), and there was about 8 nursing students maybe 20ish who had no clue about human biology, much less chicken. Even very basic stuff like there's a time period in your cycle you're most likely to concieve (ovulation), not a clue at all. Sciences have been really dumbed down in the last decade or so in schools, and it's going to take time to recover.
I had an elementary school teacher ask me if she could hatch eggs from the grocery store. She wasn't talking about the "fertile" ones that some places carry. I explained why not and then she asked me if she could hatch some from my chickens - after we got done discussing that I have no Rooster.
Lessee, you're assuming that because she is a teacher, she has common sense, right?

I dont want to offend the teachers here, but they as well as anyone know that the two don't always go hand in hand. Ill bet each of them can point to at least one colleague who doesn't have a clue.

I know a woman who is a certified, bona-fide IQ buster and also happens to be a teacher. Yet, she's a paper lion. In the real world, she aint really all that sharp.

It sounds like her emotions were getting the better of her thinking. Have patience with her, grasshopper... you have much wisdom to share.

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