at what age can I introduce my chicks to the flock


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Apr 21, 2009
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I have 2- 8 week roosters. Are they old enough to go in with the rest of the flock? I already have 3 other roos, so this is a concern. I'm letting them free range with the flock today to see how it goes, so far, they stay off by themselves. But they are meandering out a little, still keeping an eye on my older roos.
I've heard a lot of discussion on this topic and from what I hear it can be a real nightmare. What you are doing is one of the suggestions, another is to wall off a part of the coop with wire so they can get used to seeing each other before they are mixed. I also read somewhere that you should just put them out with the other birds and let them fight it out. There will be a ruckus for a couple of days while the new pecking order is established but that they will settle down again after that.
I, personally, would not mix new birds into my existing flock at 8 weeks except to do what you are doing, let them interact outside the coop/run area while I supervise. I think a separate coop/pen area for transistional birds is a better way to go and then let them free range together 'til they get older. Then they can defend themselves better while the pecking order is reestablished.
Expect more problems if there are too few hens to roosters. I've heard that there should be 6-10 hens per roo but haven't tried to introduce new roos to an existing flock myself.
Good Luck!
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thanks, I will probably bring them back in my garage tonight. I have 31 hens, so the ratio may seem okay. However, I have 10 younger chicks as well, that I suspect are a few roos. I may have to send them all to freezer camp, but they are just so pretty!!

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