At what age do ganders start breeding?


Cold Canadian Chick
10 Years
Dec 2, 2009
I have a quad of Pilgrims, 2 of the females are mature, the other will be a year old in April. I'm not sure how old the gander is, he might be older, but he might just be a year old this spring. I'm not sure. Do you think the gander will breed the mature females this spring if he's only a year old?


8 Years
Sep 6, 2011
Lancaster, PA
Most likely, yes - if he was hatched real late in the year, like July, there is a little more of a chance he won't breed this spring, but it would be unlikely. My 1'st year ganders this year are 10 months old about and are already breeding the geese. I'm not sure when they will start where you are, but they are not like chickens. Geese are gentle, calm and you won't notice any signs until the gander starts mounting the goose. They are quiet and quick and you have to keep an eye out to notice them breeding.

Remember, geese are quite infertile in their first year, you will get some goslings just not as many as their second year - I'm not sure how your young gander will do with an old (mature) goose though, I will be doing that soon too and will be interesting to see how the pairings turn out.
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