At what age do my chicks no longer need the heat lamp?


Jul 23, 2018
Kootenai County, ID
They're hatching June 8, and we're heading into summer (current long term NOAA forecast says hot hot summer here in Idaho this year), and they will be in a metal shed until we can get a larger coop built (current one is too small as it only has 9 hens in it, but we're getting 23 new chicks, 3 New Hampshire Red roos, 6 SL Wyandotte hens, and 14 Barred Rock hens-all dual purpose breeds).

So since metal conducts heat (yes door will be open during the daytime for ventilation and light), and we're heading into summer, how long do you think we will need the heat lamp? When do they usually stop needing it? It's been 2 years since we got our first chicks, and they were in a wood insulated shed (we moved from town to 5 acres, so no longer insulated wood shed but uninsulated metal one).


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Jul 16, 2015
I generally get my chicks the first week of June every year. I generally provide constant heat the first week or two. By the third I generally turn it off during the day and only use it at night. Mine are usually off heat by 4 weeks and moved out to my big shed to begin integration.

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