At what age does a roo chick start trying to crow?


7 Years
Sep 26, 2012
Alden, MI (Near Traverse City)
I've got 15 chicks. They're a little over 5 weeks old. Raucous...yes, they never shut up unless they're sleeping...(and I still have them in the house...darn snow!).

But just the last couple of days, one of them has been making a BIZARRE noise. I've sat there and watched them thinking that someone was getting picked on (they're getting a little cramped, but I need warmer weather to get them bigger digs!)

Anyway, I see no signs of anyone being picked on so that the squawk I hear is a distress call of any sort. They are (at least to me) behaving better than I expected. The weird squawk is happening in the morning and evening as the room gets dark, which is why I thought maybe my one that I suspect is a roo is making himself known...

I really have no idea about thoughts?
Around 4 months is when roosters start to crow...
Last year I got 5 chicks and the cockerel started to crow perhaps a month before the pullets started to lay.
Whatever strange sound you are hearing is not yet a crow...but I guess it could be the precursor to a crow...I haven't experienced the phenomenon you have described.

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